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LoL Taunts

Postby Zook » 06 Jan 2018, 16:32

LoL Taunts adds 132 League of Legend taunt's. You do not have to play League of Legends to understand them. There is a UI mod version, that will play the sounds to everyone who has the UI mod. There is also a Sim mod version that allows everyone to hear them, but it will make the game unranked. I am sorry if there are any misspellings, made this over the coarse of a day.

The Taunts:
Spoiler: show
99 [Aatrox]: Fight as a hero, or die as a coward
100 [Akali]: So many noobs... Will matchmaking ever find true balance?
101 [Alistar]: You can't milk those!
102 [Amumu]: Let me give you a hug.
103 [Anivia]: So young, so naïve.
104 [Annie]: Beatin' by a little girl, ha!
105 [Aurelion Sol]: I shall by the last thing you see, lucky you.
106 [Blitzcrank]: The time of man has come to an end.
107 [Braum]: If at first you do not succeed, please tell me what it is like.
108 [Camille]: If you don't have the talent to fight, at least have the decency to die.
109 [Cho'Gath]: Death is not the end for you, I seen to it, for eternity you are mine.
110 [Corki]: That just goes to show you're nothing but a whiskey delta.
111 [Diana]: They called me a heretic, now they are dead.
112 [Draven]: Come on and play, hehehe.
113 [Ekko]: I already calculated your odds, sorry.
114 [Evelynn]: I'll suck every last drop joy from your heart, hehehe.
115 [Ezreal]: You belong in a museum.
116 [Fiddlesticks]: I think I'll let you suffer for a while.
117 [Fiora]: I like you, I'd hate to kill you!
118 [Fiora]: Submit, you have already lost.
119 [Fizz]: You're boring...
120 [Fizz]: Not interested...
121 [Galio]: I'm sorry I just woke up, were we fighting?
122 [Galio]: Didn't I fight you yesterday? or was that a different puny thing?
123 [Garen]: Come forth, you will find honor in death.
124 [Gnar]: Shugi shugi shugi!
125 [Gragas]: Let's get this party started!
126 [Graves]: Don't die yet...That was just a warning shot.
127 [Graves]: They picked the wrong fight.
128 [Graves]: I like my enemies two ways, dead or about to be.
129 [Heimerdinger]: Don't worry you can learn so much from failure.
130 [Heimerdinger]: You are poorly designed for this.
131 [Heimerdinger]: Perhaps I should try more rockets.
132 [Ivern]: Be grateful for this moment. And this one. Oh! And this one. oh, this one good too.
133 [Jarvan IV]: Fetch the rest of your team, I'll wait.
134 [Jax]: Who wants a piece of the champ?
135 [Jayce]: Feel free to give up now.
136 [Jayce]: Did I scare ya?
137 [Jhin]: Killing you will be one of my finest arts.
138 [Jhin]: Our performance begins.
139 [Jinx]: Stay still! I'm trying to shoot you!
140 [Jinx]: Awe! Come on! What's the worse that can happen?
141 [Jinx]: I'll be right back, no one die screaming without me.
142 [Jinx]: Say hello to my friend's of varying sizes!
143 [Jinx]: Can you believe I was chosen for this?
144 [Jinx]: Who up for a round of hide and go shoot?
145 [Jinx]: Awe! Did I hurt your feelings?
146 [Jinx]: You're so cute when you're losing!
147 [Jinx]: She such a loser, always read to cry, t-t-t-ta.
148 [Kalista]: There will be no escape. I SAID NO ESCAPE!
149 [Kalista]: We are not finished with you!
150 [Kassadin]: Try that again!
151 [Katarina]: Come on, live a little. While you can!
152 [Katarina]: Keep friend's close, and enemies guessing.
153 [Kayle]: Come here! I'll teach you all about the after life.
154 [Kayn]: There are a thousand ways to kill you in this moment. I\'m planning the right one.
155 [Kayn]: This will be quick! But still painful.
156 [Kayn]: Death and war, this will be delicious.
157 [Kayn]: I find your will to live amusing.
158 [Kennen]: Big targets are the best, there more to aim at.
159 [Kindred]: Chasing the best game in the world! And I always win.
160 [Kled]: Step on my land again, your done!
161 [Kled]: Don't worry! Them voices ain't tellin' me to kill you anymore. Yeah, of course we're still gonna kill him.
162 [Kled]: You do realize, that your on my property!
163 [Kled]: Soooo-a, when exactly do you plan on getting the hell outta here?
164 [Kled]: Oh! Before I forget, what-uh... Rank are you exactly?
165 [Kled]: They's always trying to sneak up on us. Trying, that is.
166 [Kled]: Don't interupt me, I'm trying to fight.
167 [Kled]: Say that again! I dare you.
168 [Kled]: Shut your mouth hole! Them badgers are listening.
169 [Kled]: You do realize, that this means war.
170 [Kled]: Thought you could take my land, huh? How did that work out for you?
171 [Kled]: Now I might have over reacted to you unlawfully entering my property, BUT I DON\'T THINK SO!
172 [Kled]: Awe! You ain't leaving are you?
173 [Kled]: Holy shit where are we?
174 [Kog'Maw]: Terror coming. Daddy Coming.
175 [LeBlanc]: For a moment I thought I broken a sweat.
176 [Lee Sin]: You have not earned victory this day.
177 [Leona]: Next time try to leave a dent.
178 [Lissandra]: You really picked the wrong side.
179 [Lucian]: Death is a mercy, and I got enough mercy to go around.
180 [Lucian]: Death at the door? Hmph no, I am the one who knocks.
181 [Lux]: We should try to be friends first... No?
182 [Lux]: Hello person who wants to irrationally kill me! It's nice to meet you!
183 [Malphite]: You will lose.
184 [Master Yi]: Your skills are inferior.
185 [Master Yi]: You wish to learn the hard way, I see.
186 [Master Yi]: Pupil, show me what you have learned.
187 [Mordekaiser]: Death would be too good for the likes of you.
188 [Nami]: You're in over your head.
189 [Nasus]: There is such potential in one mortal life, you have wasted yours.
190 [Nasus]: The cycle of life and death continues, we will live, they will die.
191 [Olaf]: Come on, I won't hurt you, I promise.
192 [Ornn]: Working with you is.. Almost like working alone... Almost.
193 [Pantheon]: MY PROFESSION?! You know, now that I think of it, I always wanted to be a baker.
194 [Poppy]: Seems you left your brave pants at home. Want me to wait while you go get them?
195 [Poppy]: Could you maybe get out of the way? You know, so I don't have to flatten you.
196 [Rakan]: You know, I ain't really about making fun of people, but you-uh... Make that difficult.
197 [Rakan]: Why are you so boring?
198 [Rakan]: Man you digging this air?
199 [Rakan]: Seriously? Ha Seriously? Lame.
200 [Rumble]: Come on, I'm not even holding the controls.
201 [Ryze]: To be ignorant, is to be free. You must be really free.
202 [Ryze]: There going to be two sounds, me hitting you, and you disintegrating.
203 [Sejuani]: Flee like the cowards you are.
204 [Shaco]: Why so serious?
205 [Shen]: You're already dead, you just haven't caught up yet.
206 [sivir]: You can't take it with you, so give it to me.
207 [Soraka]: Yes that was a banana, hehehe no one expects the banana.
208 [Swain]: Another opponent, another disappointment.
209 [Syndra]: A Legion couldn't stop me, what chances do you have?
210 [Taliyah]: Go ahead, push me. We both will find out what I\'m made of.
211 [Taliyah]: You're not a problem, you're a learning opportunity.
212 [Talon]: Have you anything to offer besides weakness?
213 [Teemo]: Size doesn't mean everything.
214 [Tristana]: Is that a rocket in your pocket?
215 [Tryndamere]: You never stood a chance.
216 [Twitch]: They can play this at your funeral.
217 [Udyr]: We do not know pity, even for you.
218 [Varus]: Pain if my gift to you!
219 [Veigar]: Weak pathetic fools!
220 [Veigar]: The feelings of terror only prove inferiority.
221 [Vel'Koz]: It seems your chances of survival are less than zero.
222 [Vi]: We can either do this the hard way, or-no wait there only the hard way.
223 [Wukong]: Improve your skills, then find me again.
224 [Xayah]: Am I suppose to be intimidated right now? I'm not sure what's going on.
225 [Xayah]: Please don't make me try hard. I'm not in the mood.
226 [Xayah]: I can't even-I uh. Don't even know where to begin.
227 [Xayah]: I'm insulted? I dunno.
228 [Ziggs]: I like my enemies like I like my bombs, about to explode.
229 [Ziggs]: Explosion first, questions later.
230 [Zilean]: I've seen your death, it was painful.

I am willing to take suggestion for extra quotes if they are fitting.
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Re: LoL Taunts

Postby Exotic_Retard » 06 Jan 2018, 17:11

call me a guy but

the nomads taunts take up the early 100s so youre gonna have to move these over if you want to avoid mod conflicts :>
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Re: LoL Taunts

Postby Zook » 06 Jan 2018, 17:23

They don't actually take up the number, they can just add 18 to the number. Quick maths.

EDIT: also counts on which mod loads first, could be LoL Taunts, could be Nomads
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Re: LoL Taunts

Postby Mach » 12 Jan 2018, 05:03

"For my next trick Ill make their lifebars disappear" pls

and if possible "shhh Im charging my laser" (its old taunt that was replaced I think) because thats totally not best taunt for cybrans telemazing. If you cant find it, here:
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