F.B.P. Future Battlefield Pack [Modproject]

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Re: F.B.P. Future Battlefield Pack [Modproject]

Postby Franck83 » 31 Oct 2018, 23:31


This a large number of units. I love some cool ideas : drone station defense, Mass&Energy 2in1 storage, tech 2 walls. That a big numbers of hours of work.

Maybe some balance issues : tech 1 mass reactor cost 56 mass and gives a +5 mass -90 energy. That is a 18/mass energy ratio, which is too generous. Given to cybran only, this kind of imbalance will broke all games played with your mod.
Some units seems well balanced, with i think you need to put some effort on it.

Good work anyway !
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Re: F.B.P. Future Battlefield Pack [Modproject]

Postby masterchief1327 » 11 Dec 2018, 07:10


I love the amount of units there are and I hope many more will like using your unitmods when there done developments and I hope there be upgrades certain units can get as well very powerful arty satellite which makes the mavor like a tiny toy cannon
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Re: F.B.P. Future Battlefield Pack [Modproject]

Postby CDRMV » 14 Dec 2018, 00:45

Hello masterchief1327,
Yes more Units and several new Features will come to the Game soon.
The new Version of the Mod is still development and the progress is good so far.
You can find the Mod on its Moddb Homepage for the newest updates and news.
Stay tuned for more.
Best regards
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