LOUD AI & Game Speed Improvement Project

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Re: LOUD AI & Game Speed Improvement Project

Postby HTKatzmarek » 13 Jun 2018, 16:01

The LOUD updater program is now at 4.00, and part of the change is to no longer switch configuration directories, and instead use the 'mount' function for our files. This has several advantages, including less files to download, and no confusion of which directories/configuration is currently active. As part of this change, the existing LOUD files are removed, and new files re-downloaded to a LOUD directory. This download is one time...and future downloads will only be changed files like the older version of the updater did.

This may be what you experienced. Let me know if you have any problems after the re-installation.
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Re: LOUD AI & Game Speed Improvement Project

Postby vongratz » Yesterday, 06:14

Helo, fantastic changes in AI behavior, squadrons etc.
A question, ..Is it possible to put others maps in this mod, especifically Flat Earth V11 that already have markers?
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Re: LOUD AI & Game Speed Improvement Project

Postby Sprouto » Yesterday, 08:04

It is - but some will work better than others. LOUD really requires start areas that are relatively clear, since his base layout requires a certain amount of space to work. You just need to try it and find out.
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