Balanced lobby mode + need help with adding functions

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Balanced lobby mode + need help with adding functions

Postby Green_Nymph » 13 Mar 2018, 20:44

Hey guys i modified the FAF lobby file and added a function /bal or /balance that tells you the perfect teams and how much better the balance will be in rating points. Works for up to 12 players and for 2 teams which can be improved with help.
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To install it you need to place the file lobby.lua into
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You can open lua.nx2 file with winrar. After you include the lobby.lua into the file you need to set file to read-only so FAF doesnt replace it for you.

The function goes trough all possible balance options and selects the one with the minimum diffrence between the rating of 2 teams (using the rating equal to MEAN-3*DEV wich is the same number shown in FAF lobby)
Where i need help
-Right now i have a list of all posible combinations i use but i would love to replace that with a function so it can support 16 players. I already programmed the function in python( which is how i got my list in the first place but i dont know how to write that in lua(also kinda lazy to google everything up)
python code:
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for i in range(2**12-1):

-I would like to make it so that if you are host and write /bal or /balance it automatcily moves people to spots and balances game. The problem i have is that i dont know which spots belong to a certian team so i dont know to which spots to move team 1 and team 2
-I would like for the function to tell for how much the % balance will be better which I included in my code but had to comment it out as the resoult was always -1

Thanks to Washy for help with coding
Place this in lua.nx2\lua\ui\lobby\
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