"Commander Under Attack" Replacement

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Re: "Commander Under Attack" Replacement

Postby Uveso » 12 Feb 2018, 06:23

The errer message is saved into the game.log file.
You can also press [F9] while playing. This will open the error log window.
Maybe the errorlog window is "behind" your game main window. Try to use windowed mode then.

Just an idea, i did no test this:
Code: Select all
        local cue, bank
        if sound then
            cue, bank = GetCueBank(sound)
            -- Are we playing the ACU sound ? Then use the "DeribusFile" WaveBank.
            if string == 'OnPlayCommanderUnderAttackVO' then
                cue, bank = VO['bank'], 'DeribusFile'
            -- No ACU sound ? Then use the default XGG bank.
                cue, bank = VO['bank'], 'XGG'
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