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Playing FAF Offline

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2018, 21:12
by planeswalker
Hey all, long time SupCom and FA player, just decided to come back to FAF for some nostalgia.

I installed Downlord's client and it works fine, was able to play the game etc.

However when I tried to play offline, I was searching the wiki and this forum and found that I should run


However, when I run that file, I get the following error message

Failed to setup initial search path.

Program : C:\ProgramData\FAForever\bin\ForgedAlliance.exe
Cmd line arguments :

Unknown symbol (address 0x008cef50)

Last 100 lines of log...

warning: Can't open lua file "C:\ProgramData\FAForever\bin\SupComDataPath.lua"

I'm fairly sure that I ran FAF offline before a year ago but the above doesn't seem to work now.

Anyone have a suggestion/solution? I tried asking in Aeolus chat but either no one knew the answer or they were too busy playing as my question got drowned out by LFGs etc.


Re: Playing FAF Offline

PostPosted: 02 Nov 2018, 20:05
by PhilipJFry
check if you have such a file - C:\ProgramData\FAForever\bin\SupComDataPath.lua

Re: Playing FAF Offline  [SOLVED]

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2018, 21:12
by planeswalker
Hi just to let you know, it seems my problem was that Downlords client was missing something as when I uninstalled it and installed the original FAF client I could start in offline mode now. Bit weird but its fixed. Thanks for your time