FAF on dual monitors with different resolutions?

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FAF on dual monitors with different resolutions?

Postby OfficialMaxBox » 24 Feb 2018, 01:13

Simply the subject!
My main monitor is 1440p, the secondary is 1080p.
I tried using the full screen adapter settings, with the primary being 1440p 144hz, and the secondary being 1080p 60hz, but it simply didn't work.

Any ideas? Thanks!!
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Re: FAF on dual monitors with different resolutions?

Postby Egon » 27 Feb 2018, 18:37

on Windows 10 Multimonitor in general breaks for me when having 3 or more Screens attached, note that having the cable connected and Monitor powered off still counts.
on Win 10 in particular, different resolution breaks the game on launch.
on Windows 7 everything works flawless out of the box (only testet with 2 monitors).

so what i would try:
1.physically disconnect all monitors from pc except 2
2.use 1080p on both, hardware downcaler doesnt look so bad anymore on most monitors
3.use software downscaling/upscaling when hardware downscaler doesnt satisfy your needs
4.use windows 7

also iirc supcom has eax 2.0 support which means for best audio u would need to go Windows XP.
there could very well be other solutions iam not aware of.
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