Which version of TA:Spring is the most played?

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Re: Which version of TA:Spring is the most played?

Postby Brutus5000 » 20 Feb 2018, 09:52

nubtrap wrote:apart from the glamour point (kinda true, just the reality of free software projects) this must be some special type of FUD because Spring has not been "C++ only" since before the release of SupCom and its Lua scripting API is probably far more powerful than SC's these days :D

I guess you are right, but I looked more into server/client stuff. But as I have seen there has been a lot of change too (even more dead projects :( https://springrts.com/wiki/Lobby_Development).
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Re: Which version of TA:Spring is the most played?

Postby nubtrap » 20 Feb 2018, 13:14

first rule of open source, everybody shall invent the wheel at least twice and then abandon it ;)

server/client stuff has crystallized around two projects, "zkchobby" which is an in-engine Lua lobby client that talks to ZeroKServer (C# codebase) and "SpringLobby" which is an older C++ client that talks to UberServer (written in python). this is because the zk people moved to their own lobby server / protocol some years ago for reasons.

it's like FAF in a nutshell, only without a coordinated benevolent dictatorship :D
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