Bug: UEF T1 'Avenger' Mobile PD Deploy modes bugged.

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Bug: UEF T1 'Avenger' Mobile PD Deploy modes bugged.

Postby Goldy3 » 26 Aug 2017, 17:25

The T1 Mobile PD has a bug where if the T1 Mobile PD is manually deployed the unit will not un-deploy and will stay locked, making it impossible to move.

In addition, not a bug but more of a request. Right now the UEF T1 Mobile PD fires 150 damage every 5 seconds (Dps 30) . My recommendation is to change this damage to 300 damage every 10 seconds (Dps 30).

Reason being is that the Avengers damage model isn't all that punishing considering the setbacks it has such as immobility while firing, and a slow turret traverse. I think it would be better as a heavy front-loaded weapon that's better in short engagements but is less effective when going up against numbers.
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Re: Bug: UEF T1 'Avenger' Mobile PD Deploy modes bugged.

Postby Uveso » 26 Aug 2017, 19:46

Hello Goldy3,

thank's for reporting this bug.

I opened an issue on github for it.
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