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Re: BlackOps 13 Release

Postby Lieutenant Lich » 16 Jul 2017, 02:25

so mods can be uploaded now?
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Re: BlackOps 13 Release

Postby Divran » 16 Jul 2017, 02:29

nope, doesn't work
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Re: BlackOps 13 Release

Postby Brutus5000 » 16 Jul 2017, 14:11

@Lich King: Yes, but it's not end-user friendly and has many pitfalls like the one we are facing now. Therefore I would not recommend using it.

@All: Ok there was some error with the packaging of the zip files. It is working now.

Attention: everbody who downloaded v13 of Unleashed or ACUs until 16.07.2017 13:30 CEST
Everybody who downloaded the mod until now has a mess in his mods folder, that might lead to errors.
The mod folder is located at %HOMEPATH%\Documents\my games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\Mods (%HOMEPATH% is usually C:\Users\YourUsername, but the variable leads you there)

The hard way is to clearyour mods folder and redownload every mod you need.

The soft way is a bit more work:
You can clean this up by navigating to the mod folder. In this folder you probably now have many folder with mods, but also the folders&files

Code: Select all

Delete the folder&files from the list above (only if they are directly in the mods/ folder)!! Do not delete them if they are inside a folder with the name of a mod!!)

Note: The ACU mod has only some of these folder.
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Re: BlackOps 13 Release

Postby CSI » 16 Jul 2017, 15:55

Yup it works, thanks
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