Animation bug?

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Animation bug?

Postby RYANH9992 » 03 May 2017, 17:20

I love the mod, however after playing Cybran I noticed all their new walkers don't walk. They glide across the ground. Is this normal?
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Re: Animation bug?

Postby Uveso » 03 May 2017, 20:28

Hello RYANH9992,

no, thats not normal :)

Sounds like you are using the wrong mod version.

Did you download xtreme wars from here: ?

What game version are you using, Vanilla/Steam or the newest FAF game version ?

How did you start he game ? Desktop shortcut ? From FAForever lobby ?

If you start it from FAForever lobby, did you start a FAF game, with the downloaded mod activated, or did you klicked the Xtreme Wars button ?
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