FIXED - "The file wasn't properly sent by the server faf"

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FIXED - "The file wasn't properly sent by the server faf"

Postby soilworker » 15 Aug 2017, 17:52

I had this issue with the new patch and it seems several other FAF members, typical new patch issues, eh?

I'm going to give my full process so those who are tech savvy might be able to shed more light on it. But there is a list part way down with what I finally did to fix the problem.

So with the new patch came an anti-vius alert for idp.ares.generic (a known trojan). FAF community confirmed this isn't something to worry about and just skip past it, however, AVG still put it in a vault and I deleted it.
The werid thing is then I realised my FA had been uninstalled.(I don't undestand this yet...)
I reinstalled it, and loaded FAF, I then got the common error message to this post. "The file wasn't properly sent by the server faf" and then "FA failed to launch".
I tried: googling it, searching forums, clearing all the things that can be cleared (It took me an hour to reset all my hotkeys :().
I uninstalled FAF and reinstalled. The default directory is to the c drive. However my computer would not let me install here (I think it was a permissions thing, but cannot remember..)
I uninstalled again and installed on my d drive (which is where FA and steam are installed). I would get the same errors as above.

The trick that eventually got it working was the following:

1) uninstall FAF,
2) restart computer (this was the trick)
3) reinstall in it's default directory (C drive).

Works a treat now :) I have confirmed this worked with one other player too, so would be interested to see how you go.

So closing remarks is I do think anti-virus played a part and perhaps there was some messy clean up between FAF and the anti-virus. However it was werid that FA got uninstalled without my request.

Also screw the forums here! My account has been deleted 3 times, and even writing this post it "forgot me" and logged me out, losing this message >(
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