Whole computer froze upon entering a lobby

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Whole computer froze upon entering a lobby

Postby dassmatte » 09 Mar 2018, 04:07

I tried connecting to a game but I didn't get in so I hit the "abort" button but nothing happened so I waited a bit more but nothing. Then I Ctrl+Alt+Del and tried bringing up the task manager but no, alt+tab didnt work and f11 didnt work, Alt+F4 didnt work, nothing worked so I had to restart the computer manually to get out of it.

Uploading my log file.

2018-03-09 02:48:18,049 ERROR client._clientwindow Not ready for game launch

That should be the correct timestamp. 7th row from the bottom, I restarted faf when I got the computer running again, to find out where the .log file was.

P.S By manually I mean the button on my physical computer object.

EDIT QUICKFIX: Happened again today, however I had my tv connected as secondary screen so I could click on task manager down in the taskbar on the tv then windowsButton+arrowRight to bring it there and use that screen instead to terminate the program.
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