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Setons vs World

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2011, 14:51
by Gowerly
This will be on Sunday, November 20th at 1800GMT

From the support topic, I would like to propose a Setons vs World tournament.

It would be in the vein of the aborted TAG vs World tournament.
We would need:
- Some teams of "Setons Pros". 3599, 3603 or 3609, I don't particularly care. (our TAG)
- Some teams of regular players. To make this fairer, I would propose that they are NOT CLANS. We can get together on a VOIP client, but I think to make it more entertaining, it would need to be just a bunch of regular players. (therefore, our World).

We would pitch Setons teams at World teams until one group runs out of teams.
All maps would be played on Setons, obviously.

This is to point out that: Setons players that only play setons will find their playstyles stagnating. Some fresh plays from World will help them out.

Time: To be arranged.
If you are interested in playing, post on here (I will post this on GPGNet too), with whether you are a Setons player or a World player. When the tournament happens, I will make the teams of Setons and World up as I go along, to keep the playing field level as possible.
Gowerly - World. I have some pretty obnoxious Setons tactics.

Re: Setons vs World

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2011, 15:07
by Zock
Zock - World

Re: Setons vs World

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2011, 17:35
by TA4Life
This sounds like a great idea. The biggest question is where TAG_Seton and Scruffy end up.

Looking forward to this. I will be the Setons side obviously.

Re: Setons vs World

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2011, 17:56
by TA4Life
It will be difficult to agree on rules.
First off 3599 vs 360x is going to be a very big issue for some players.
If you want wide setons player participation it will have to be 3599.(they just won't bother installing 3603)
There are a lot of naval mixing rules on Setons to prevent over powering strats. If the world wants to call those noobish and unneccessary they should be ready for some annoying things happening. I strongly suggest the non mixing navy rule and it should be insisted that this is put down in writing before the games start(very thoroughly).

Obviously anyone making restorers should be forever banned from any tourney.

Other rules like shield mixing/regen use should be established (shouldn't be a problem with 95% of the players however).
Should Aflac choose to participate, everyone should know that if he goes down to double digits in health and survives he is allowed to use regen(non-negotiable)

If 3599 is chosen, the seton team shouldn't have problems assembling 3-4 very good teams. Not sure if this is possible for the world side.

If the world team gets TAG_Seton, Scruffy and two more players like say Zock and TAG_Rock they would most likely beat any Setons team. Those first two players however have more setons games in their history than most setons players.

This will be an epic event.

Re: Setons vs World

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2011, 18:12
by Ze_PilOt
(When I was talking of abstract rules...)

Re: Setons vs World

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2011, 18:24
by TA4Life
This post got me more awake than the coffee I drank this morning.

Here is a good match up:

Seton: front (Killer1351), rock(Dim14), beach(Cyth), air(MBurgh711)

Let's assume VIP can now represent non seton part of the world even though he has more than 2k setons games.

World: front (TAG_Rock), rock (Scruffy), beach (TAG_Seton), air(VIP)

Really only 1 non seton player here, but would be a historic battle.

Make it happen people.

Re: Setons vs World

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2011, 18:29
by Ze_PilOt
Would be nice if the players agree to play :

- One game on 3599 with "Seton players rules"
- One game on 3608, with no special rules other than "kill the other team".

Also, why the back player is obligated to make air ? :)

Re: Setons vs World

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2011, 18:34
by TA4Life
I am pretty sure in these games all players will spam a shitload of t1 air.

360x game with those teams may not happen given that Cytherea abhors patch, Dim14 probably won't switch, same probably goes for Burgh and killer.

Re: Setons vs World

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2011, 18:35
by Ze_PilOt
Well, one of the purpose of this idea is to see what we can do for these players in a 361x patch...

I'm not asking them to switch, but try... You know, like when you were a little kid "Taste it before you say you don't like it" :)

Re: Setons vs World

PostPosted: 28 Oct 2011, 18:47
by TA4Life
I have tried in vain to get these people to switch to the basic bug fix patch that koecher made. The concept of try it before you reject it, doesn't work. We can always offer it to them over and over and every now and then some will switch.

One of the biggest impediment to the switch is the power storage and the overcharge. Many players get absolutely frustrated not being able to overcharge in a situation where they overcharged 10000 times before. Their next games ends up being 3599 and they vent their anger to the other players in the 3599 game.

Another great setons team that would be nice to see vs the previously mentioned world team:

front(tnuk), rock (igla), beach(flyingkangaroo), back(lappen)

here is another:

front(hokuto_shinken), rock (DCCC98), beach (grimjoe), air (lamegod)