(€250+ prize) RU vs WESTWORLD Invitational

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(€250+ prize) RU vs WESTWORLD Invitational

Postby YuriIvanov » 29 Nov 2018, 00:12

15th of December, Saturday.
13:00 UTC time (https://time.is/ru/UTC)

4v4 games with no mods. BO9 (win 5 games for victory).

Prize money are 20000rub (~260 euros with current exchange rate) plus 10% of donations on my stream. Winner team takes all.
Additions to prize pool are welcome (contact me here or on Discord: Yuri The Professional#7462)

RU team:
1). lilSidlil
2). ZLO
3). Robogear
4). Petric (or Blinchik if Petric can't make it)

1). Yudi
2). EcoNoob
3). Dro
4). Mephi

Rules are following.

Maps played are:
1). Twin Rivers
(5 minute break)
2). Phenom
(5 minute break)
3). Seton's Clutch (unique rules: Full Share and unit limit as top Setons are played)
(10 minute break)
4). Pyramid
(5 minute break)
5). Morning Prayer
(5 minute break)
6). canis 4v4 spezial edition
(5 minute break)
7). 8 - Badlands_v4
(5 minute break)
8). Flooded Argon
(10 minute break)
9). Wonder 4v4 v3c

All breaks can be smaller if all 8 players are ready and willing to start next game.

Disconnect during first 5 minutes of a game - rehost. 1 rehost per team per game. After that disconnect = death.
If I disconnect with somebody and if I leave, game will continue, I will leave the game and watch live replay.

Dead player must immediately leave the game (so he won't spectate).

If a player is not present at the start of 1st game (13:00 UTC time) he can be replaced. Replacement player will play all matches and receive winnings.
If a player lost his internet, or his PC exploded (and other causes), he can be replaced with a player with lower rating. Winnings will be shared as the team sees fit. Former player can't come back to matches after his replacement.

Share winnings between yourselves as you see fit.

My russian stream will be online in spectator. English stream can be in spectator too (like BRNK for example).
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Re: (€250+ prize) RU vs WESTWORLD Invitational

Postby Mephi » 29 Nov 2018, 11:09

im up for playing
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Re: (€250+ prize) RU vs WESTWORLD Invitational

Postby Tagada » 29 Nov 2018, 16:53

I would like to participate aswell.
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Re: (€250+ prize) RU vs WESTWORLD Invitational

Postby ThomasHiatt » 29 Nov 2018, 16:57

Isn't that going to take like 12 hours?
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Re: (€250+ prize) RU vs WESTWORLD Invitational

Postby AchievedJaguar8 » 29 Nov 2018, 17:22

Im up for it
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Re: (€250+ prize) RU vs WESTWORLD Invitational

Postby Platinumizer » 29 Nov 2018, 19:11

make it RUvs Nederland, that would be sick :o
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Re: (€250+ prize) RU vs WESTWORLD Invitational

Postby moonbearonmeth » 30 Nov 2018, 05:32

Pick one

Platinumizer wrote:make it RUvs Nederland, that would be sick :o

I would be more interested in Russia vs Finland Assuming it only happens on Setons
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