1v1 Blitz Tournament (5x5 km): Today 10/22/18 @ 4 pm UTC

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1v1 Blitz Tournament (5x5 km): Today 10/22/18 @ 4 pm UTC

Postby Mountain » 22 Oct 2018, 17:04

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Congrats to Obfuscation for winning 1st!

Congrats to ThomasHiatt and Kng-GROND-Noob for 2nd and 3rd, respectively!


Channel: #Blitz
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5 x 5 km map 1v1 Blitz Tournament

No minimum rating
Double Elimination

Winners rounds are Bo3
Losers rounds are Bo1

Every round of Winners bracket: the players will take turns vetoing maps from the 7 map pool until 3 maps remain. Top player in bracket vetoes first. After veto process the top player in bracket chooses the first map to be played. Loser of first game chooses the next map.

Maps for losers rounds will be as follows:
Round 1: Theta Passage
Round 2: Canis River
Round 3: Cobalt Valley
Round 4: Ambush Pass

Theta Passage
Canis River
Cobalt Valley
Ambush Pass
Crimson Feud
Finn's Revenge
The Ganges Chasma

1st place prize: Blitz tourney champion avatar

Signups (ladder rating in parentheses):
hitagi (2004)
ThomasHiatt (2024)
Robogear (1732)
Kng-GROND-Noob (1808)
Alma_Elma (1232)
Mognotek (1565)
Blodir (2123)
Tagada (2033)
Espi-GROND-Noob (1811)
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