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Avatar Guidelines

Postby FtXCommando » 24 Jul 2018, 01:10

Avatar Guidelines

A. Making An Avatar:
I. Avatars are approved by Exotic_Retard prior to being considered by the Player Councillor.

II. An Avatar should be a 40x20 file. For information and resources to assist you in creating a successful Avatar, please contact Exotic_Retard.

III. An Avatar must be made and approved prior to being offered as an award for a tournament.

B. Avatar Tier List:
I. General Avatars - These are avatars with a general description such as Tournament Winner, Blitz Winner, Strategic Genius, Face, and Faction avatars. These avatars do not require consent to be used.

II. Unique Public Avatars - These are avatars that are already in the FAF Avatar System but were made for a specific occasion. These avatars require Player Councillor consent to be used.

III. New Unique Avatars - These are avatars that are newly made and not present in the FAF Avatar System. These avatars require both Moderation check through Exotic_Retard and Player Councillor consent.

IV. Platinum Avatars - These are avatars that are won through particularly difficult and famous tournaments. They include avatars such as LoTS Champion and Universal Resurrection Cup Champion. These can only be used with the consent of both the Moderation Team through Exotic_Retard and the Player Councillor.

V. Personal Avatars - These are avatars that identify certain players for various reasons such as obligation (Personal Trainer, Councillor), donation (Donor), or notoriety (other Personal Avatars). These can only be given out through Moderation consent by Exotic_Retard.

C. Avatar Expiration Dates:
I. General Avatars expire after a period of 6 months.

II. Both types of Unique Avatars expire after a year.

III. Platinum Avatars do not expire however they can be removed if a player is permanently banned or when a new player has won the Avatar in a new tournament.

IV. Personal Avatars do not expire however they can be removed when a player is permanently banned or when an individual is no longer recognized as a contributor that can hold that avatar.

D. Avatar Removal:
I. Avatars can be refused as an award by a Tournament Director at any point in his tournament as a punishment for some infraction.

II. The Player Councillor is able to refuse a certain Avatar at any point until it is given out to a player.

III. The Moderation Team is able to take away an individual’s Avatar retroactively for broken tournament rules.
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