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Re: Galaxy Resistance Ladder Events

Postby FtXCommando » 28 Aug 2018, 04:10

I don’t think “Ladder Warrior” should be equivalent to “Dude With The Most Freetime This Month.”

I’d like to remind people that it is Rowey’s tournament and I didn’t make this choice for him. I brought up the fact that capability is not given much weight in the current system and gave him the 2/1/-2 suggestion as a middleground and 1/0/-1 as a more skill-focused option. He decided to go with the middleground.
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Re: Galaxy Resistance Ladder Events

Postby Mountain » 28 Aug 2018, 06:00

i personally think 2/1/-2 is fine, it is more suitable in light of the nature of faf playerbase which is overwhelmingly honest i think *knock on wood*
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Re: Galaxy Resistance Ladder Events

Postby Morax » 29 Aug 2018, 03:34

Draws yield from these basic events:

1) Typical 5x5 map outcome
2) One player who was winning made a last-minute stupid move
3) Vet gave losing player ability to draw
4) As Jagged said, players can choose to draw on maps they don't want to play
5) Disrespect to Tourney
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Re: Galaxy Resistance Ladder Events

Postby ThomasHiatt » 18 Nov 2018, 17:17

So this is dead now?
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