Ladder Seasonal Events (Galaxy Resistance).

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Ladder Seasonal Events (Galaxy Resistance).

Postby Rowey » 02 Jul 2018, 18:25

Im In the works trying to bring in what Arkitect did with ladder week at the end of last year. The plan is to let the event run for 1-2 months and when ever you seach for a ladder match from the start date of the event you will be earning points for for the following; win = 2 points Draw = 1 loss = 0 this will be updated on a leaderboad ive asked rackover to hve a look into. there will be spereate rank catogories at the time of the the event what ever rank you are you will stay in that bracket till the event has finnished.

There will be 4 diffrent rank ranges.
1400- 1600

Your rewared will be the Galaxy Resistance Avatar to start of with but will have more Rewarding Prizes later on down the road.

You should have the Ava till the next Next round so 2 mothns to play for 2 month gap and then the next reound will start

Any Feedback on this Will be apreciated.
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