Ladder Seasonal Events (Galaxy Resistance).

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Ladder Seasonal Events (Galaxy Resistance).

Postby Rowey » 02 Jul 2018, 18:25

The Galaxy Resistance Event's which will take place for a set Duration planed for 2 Monthst at a time with a 1 month grace perido in between. when playing ladder in the event time you will be gain points for a win/Loss which will be show on a Leaderboard Whic is under Developmet as wee speak. There will be the Following Divisions: U599
, 600-1099, 1100-1599, O1600. Prizes To begin With will be the Galaxy Resistance Avatar (Pending) for each winnder of the 4 divisions.

Start Date For Season 1:

End Date For Season 1:

Leaderboards :

***Image here***

- All games will be counted from midnight on the Start day of the event & Any games started before the end Date but finishing after the end time will count
- This is Strictly Ladder games. Custom 1v1's do not count for points on the leaderboard.

- Players will recive 2 points win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss.
- Games Results will automaticaly be added to the leaderboar here : Not Available yet
- In the case of a tie the winner will be determined by the player that has the most wins, and if it's still a tie the winner will be determined by player with the the fewest losses.

- Players will be split in to the 4 divisions listed : U599, 600-1099, 1100-1599, O1600
- The player with the most points in each division at the end of Galaxy Resistance will receive the Galaxy Resistance avatar (pending)
- Players will be placed in divisions based on their ladder rating reported after their first game of Galaxy Resistance
- Players will not be moved into another division if their ladder rating moves into another division's range during the course of ladder week
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