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2v2 WWPC

Postby FtXCommando » 23 Mar 2018, 03:13

2v2 World Wide People's Championship
Starting Date: 5/30
Knockouts Over: 6/6
Next Round: 6/13

Current champions:
O3400 - Farmsletje and FtXCommando
U3400 - AIwaysBeNoob and BullydozerNoob
U2600 - TantrumDesire and gugae

Tournament Directors:

Alright boys, I'm going to try and see how long I can keep this tournament going. I can keep the tournament around for about 2 months out of sheer stubbornness but after that I'll hope there's at least 1 team playing in it so I have some motivation to keep it around.

This will be a non-stop tournament with 2-week circles, set in 3 divisions, which are the following:
1. O3400
2. U3400
3. U2600
This is the total rating of the team.

I am willing to expand into 4 divisions, however, I'm not sure how popular this will be so I'm just going to stick with 3 for now. If you would be willing to join if I created another rating division, PM me about it so I can gauge the level of interest around that rating.

How does this work?
Champions for each division, assuming there is a champion team, will have to defend their title weekly (if there are challengers). Every team can sign up to challenge the champions of their division. However, if there is more than one team, they will play a knockout (BO3) tournament between them hosted by the TD. The TD will state what maps need to be played during the knockout rounds. Whoever is victorious can play best of 5 with the champions on the maps in the order specified below.

For the BO3, the 2nd map will always be a 20x20 chosen randomly from the pool below. The 1st and 3rd maps will be chosen randomly between all 3 of the pools. If anyone has some suggestions for additional maps that can be put into the pool, PM me the map name and I'll take a look at whether it is viable for 2v2s.

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show
Knockout brackets get posted every second Wednesday at 10:00 PM GMT (22:00 GMT). If I don't get your game results by 9:30 PM GMT (21:30 GMT) the following Wednesday and I didn't get notified by either team earlier on that the other was not responding to messages, I will DQ both teams. Unless it was a Championship round, in which case, the champions will keep their title.

1st week - all knockouts get played, as BO3
2nd week - BO5s gets played

Sometimes people with different timezones can't match up before the given deadline. When this happens contact either me or theeggroll.

Spoiler: show
The rating limit will apply to the total points of the team. Ratings will be looked at during signup and every round after that. This is to stop people from staying in a rating range of the tournament when they are both above it. If someone is seen crashing their rating prior to sign up, they will be banned from the tournament.

Also you and your teammate must be within 800 rating of one another. This is to prevent people from farming a lower rating bracket by doing some sort of 2000 + 500 rated team.

Best of 5:
Spoiler: show
The challengers who won the knockout tournament (if there was one) will get to play a best of 5 with the Champions. The maps will be chosen like this:
1. This map gets chosen by the challengers
2. This map gets chosen by the current champions
3. This map gets chosen by the current champions
4. This map gets chosen by the challengers
5. This map gets chosen by the current champions

You may not play a map in the BO5 for the champions title more than once. If the end result of the BO5 is a draw the challengers will get to choose a map. If one of the teams won before the BO5 is finished, they may finish it if both teams want to, but this isn't necessary. The players must choose from the maps listed below, however, if both teams agree to play another map, then it is acceptable to play it even if it is not on the list.

If there is no current champion, the BO5 will first be played on Map 1 of the BO3. The winner of that will become the champion and then both teams will follow the map picking order: champion, challenger, champion, challenger for the rest of the BO5.

Spoiler: show
- The champions will face whoever is the winner of the knockout rounds.
- Don't think I won't catch your ass smurfing boyo.
- If you want to sign up, post it here, and please mention your teammate and division.
- You may only sign up for one division.
- The winner posts his replays ID's in this topic (you can get the replay ID by opening the local replay in file explorer, the number in the replay's name is the ID).
- Always wait for your ally to die, so you don't desync the game by leaving!
- The TD's can always change the rules.
- If you think something in here could be improved upon, just PM me or theeggroll on FAF or through the forums. Try to keep the forum thread from being cluttered because then people will miss signup posts/who they need to face.
- Game settings will all be standard, however, full share must be on for every game. This does not apply for adaptive maps where map settings are specified in the imgur album below.
- If both teams agree to the usage of a mod, then it is acceptable to use the mod in their games. This includes turning off Full Share.
- Each player can only have one team.
- A disconnect has to be discussed with the TD if both players don't agree to play the game again. The win will be given to the team which was in the better position to be determined by the TDs.
- If there are no champions yet, last two standing teams in the knockout stage will play a BO5.

Contacting and Pre-Game Issues:
Spoiler: show
Once knockouts are posted, every team has to contact their opponents in the next 24 hours. If you win your match you have to contact your next opponents in the next 24 hours. If you don't have any opponent yet, just wait for them to contact you.


There are several ways to contact your opponents:
- FAF Lobby
Go into main FAF chat (aeolus) and search for your opponents in players list. Double click him to start chat. If none of your opponents are online you can check when they were last online by typing !seen ''player name'' in chat
- PM (Personal Message) on forums
Scroll up and use ''new messages'' function. (Need to be logged in).
- matchmaker post (last option)


If teams cannot set up a time that is amenable to both of them or one team is not able to get in contact with the other, theeggroll or myself will set up a date that tries to address time issues as optimally as possible.

If one of the players doesn't show up on the scheduled date, the team will get disqualified.

In order to minimize difficulties with time, it would be best if people would post the times they are available for the knockout week in their signup post. This way, teams with similar schedules can be put against one another. Obviously this is just a quality of life suggestion, you can sign up without posting potential times you can play. If you do not give me a time you wish to play, I will put teams against one another randomly.

Model Signup Post:
Spoiler: show
Signing up [blank] with [blank] for [this bracket]. We should be available on the weekends after 17:00 GMT, Tuesdays, and all of Friday.

Autojoin Channel:
Spoiler: show
Thanks to new FAF lobby features, organizing a tourney like this should be slightly easier. There will be a channel called “#2v2WWPC” that people can set as an autojoin channel. You do this by going into Options on your FAF client, hitting Chat, and going to "set autojoin channels." This should help in facilitating communication between teams and knowing when people are online for games. I will also be in the channel to answer questions.

Spoiler: show
If slots are not specified, you play on slots 1-4

1. Theta Passage5
2. Coastal Isles
3. crazyrush
4. Crimson Feud
5. Desert Arena
6. Desert Joust
7. Jungle Valley 2v2 v5

8. Arctic Refuge
9. Adaptive Canis River
10. Adaptive Corona
11. Adaptive Diversity
12. Adaptive Flooded Tabula Rasa
13. Adaptive Wonder Open
14. Averus (3+5 v 4+6)
15. Badlands 5v5
16. Balvery Mountains V4b
17. Bloodthrone (3+5 v 4+6)
18. cauldron_small (3+4 v 5+6)
19. Daroza’s Sanctuary
20. Desert Crisis
21. Farce in the Forest (1+5 v 2+6)
22. Fields Of Isis
23. Forbidden Passv4
24. Funeral Plains
25. Massif
26. Miracle 6v6 (1+7 v 2+8)
27. Monster Girl Arena
28. Monument Valley (2+4 v 6+8)
29. Morning Prayer
30. mountain_lakes (2+3 v 5+6)
31. Open Palms (1+3 v 2+4)
32. Perfidious Barrenlands
33. Phaaze
34. Phenom Spartiate v2
35. Planet Shmal (1+5 v 4+6)
36. Realm
37. Regicide
38. Salembay
39. Seraphim Outpost
40. Stella Maris v8 (5+7 v 6+8)
41. Syrtis Major 3v3 - V1.1
42. Twin Rivers
43. Vya-3 Protectorate
44. Z-D Rasty (1+5 v 2+6)

45. Adaptive Metir
46. Asteria (1+2 v 4+5)
47. Burial Mounds (3+7 v 4+8)
48. Cepheus (1+2 v 3+4)
49. Crossfire Canal (1+4 v 2+3)
50. Dragoons V2 (3+4 v 7+8)
51. Grand Isle (1+5 v 2+6)
52. Insanity Rising (5+7 v 6+8)
53. Krossfire
54. Liberiam Battles
55. Lost Paradise v42 (1+3 v 2+4)
56. Maridia
57. Primus Alfa v2
58. Selkie Isle (3+5 v 4+6)
59. Selkie Mirror
60. Seraphim Glaciers (1+5 v 2+6)
61. Seraphim Outpost
62. Seton’s Clutch
63. Strife of Titan R1
64. the Bermuda Locket (1+5 v 2+6)
65. Therum
66. The Ditch
67. The Drunken Beetles Dance (1+2 v 6+7)
68. The Requisite
69. X6
70. Ythalassa

71. Frost Ravine v1bf (7+9 v 8+10)

Adaptive Setups:
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Re: 2v2 WWPC

Postby EvanGalea » 25 Mar 2018, 06:33

Signing up by myself.

I'm currently floating between 1400-1500, so let's shoot for u3400
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Re: 2v2 WWPC

Postby Farmsletje » 26 Mar 2018, 12:24

Playing with my favorite A5P3RG4R5 ofc
FtXCommando wrote:
need to give him some time to blossom into an aids flower
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Re: 2v2 WWPC

Postby JaggedAppliance » 26 Mar 2018, 17:05

I'm looking for a teammate.
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Re: 2v2 WWPC

Postby Morax » 26 Mar 2018, 22:27

Looking for a teammate as well
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Re: 2v2 WWPC

Postby Mach » 27 Mar 2018, 20:34

1100 global here
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Re: 2v2 WWPC

Postby bennis » 27 Mar 2018, 23:58

looking for a team mate. rare chance to team up with bennis.
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Re: 2v2 WWPC

Postby FtXCommando » 28 Mar 2018, 01:14

Just to clarify if anyone didn't know, finding a teammate is entirely your own responsibility. I'm not going to be making teams for people.

Everyone probably already knew that but I'm just making sure.
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Re: 2v2 WWPC

Postby Morax » 28 Mar 2018, 01:48

I cannot speak for everyone, but in desperate attempt to get this going I am at least offering to play with a random.
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Re: 2v2 WWPC

Postby Crap_Bag » 28 Mar 2018, 09:23

Snoop and Selen signing up for U3400.
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