Small imbalances

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Re: Small imbalances

Postby Brute51 » 19 Feb 2014, 20:37

Yeah I think we forgot to remove the initialdamage implementation that we copied from Nomads into the 3629 patch.

edit: Problem found and fixed, waiting for testing but will be solved in next version of Nomads.
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Re: Small imbalances

Postby pip » 24 Feb 2014, 15:07

Some balance changes and bugfixes were made in latest build (45). Please test again.

As for concerns by Apofenas, here are some further explanations:
Before anything else, there was no change to FAF t3 air except Gunships. T3 bombers can not be countered by mobile flaks because no changes were made to either units. Check 3629 changelog.

1) Many Nomads units are hovercrafts, but you may not have noticed that they have a 20% speed penalty when they move over water (except the Experimentals).

2) Nomads t1 is different from others. The t1 arty is bad but it's also anti-air. The sniper tank counters t1 pd, except on hills, in which case the t1 arty can be used, or the t1 gunship, or a combination of both. For Nomads, t1 air is as important as t1 land on all maps.

The sniper tank is expensive, but it can kill any t1 tank in one shot. It's perfectly acurate when not moving, and inacurate when moving. So it is meant to be used for ambushes, or with micro if used offensively. In anchor mod (locked up position) it will be perfectly acurate, have the same range as t1 arties, but cannot move, so it's vulnerable.

3) Nomads t2 is also different from the others, especially because the sniper tank is quite efficient at t2. To counter long range units like Ilshavoh, you need EMP tanks (30 range), sniper tanks (28 range) mixed with your t2 tanks. To counter longer range units like Hoplites and Mongoose, you need MML, they have splash, and EMP tanks + t2 tanks to protect them. Note that EMP tank also is very good weapon against shields. Another unit useful to fight Hoplites and Mongoose is the t2 fast hover tank : it is very very fast, so it can catch up with Hoplites easily, even when microed to dodge the shots.

4) At t3, Nomads need to also use EMP tanks with their t3 unit, otherwise, they will be beaten. Their t3 assault unit is quite fast and has a long range canon, so yes, it can be used like a t3 aurora against high HP units, with long reload time and AOE. Against t1 and t2, it has a fast shorter range weapon.
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Re: Small imbalances

Postby Lu_Xun_17 » 09 Mar 2014, 21:07

There's a problem with the price of the not HQ factories i think.
I saw that the upgrade to T2 land fac (not HQ) was costing 9mass/sec. for other factions it's 4 or 5mass/sec

There's a lot of stuff to balance, but nomads received a lot of improvements since my last try 2 years ago.
good job! ;)
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Re: Small imbalances

Postby pip » 09 Mar 2014, 21:44

Thanks, there is indeed a difference with the other factions, the code doesn't seem to work the same way for nomads, so the costs used in nomads are the same as in FAF, but in FAF, they take into account the previous factory cost. It'll be fixed in the next version.
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