small changes *for effect*

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small changes *for effect*

Postby tekno640 » 25 Jun 2013, 16:05

hard to notice when bombardment mode is on or off or what it does, but close observation can notice a difference (EG: could make the ship look different, gun tracers look different, make different sound...... when the bombardment mode is on apposed to off)

if theyre suposed to not rely on shielding tecknology (and use armore instead). then add a repair drone centre... or add repair drones to some existing structures (repair drones also would add to the low budget look of the nomads)
Possible Locations to add repair drones
-could add drones to tmd that way to provide naval support as well
-could add it to t3 shield generator befor the stealth upgrade since the shield can barly (if not even) stop a stratigic bomber
-could just make it its own building like uef or cybrin
-could add a fyew drones to the nuke defence wiht the assist range of the smd
(I don't mean add drones to ALL of these, just 1 or 2)

while the support acu for uef kinda matches the nomad look, least make its primary (none changable) color rusty like the rest of the nomads rather then dull UEF Blue (idk if you have yet to upload a unique nomad scu and just use the uef one as a filler)

make it so the support ship (the orbitle platform lounching the spy drones and bombardments) follows your acu and self destructs when your acu gets destroyed. (maby that way instead of the acu going nuclear when its gets destroyed "for effect" you could just make the support ships fall damage have the same splash zome, and damage of a small nuke)
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