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Player Councillor Objectives

PostPosted: 28 Jun 2018, 02:42
by FtXCommando
So this is the second time I'm writing this because when I tried to submit the initial thread I got logged out of the forums. So It's going to be a bit shorter than I initially wanted it to be.

Before beginning anything I want to give people the link to the PC Discord:

You can join this Discord to suggest, complain, or help me out on one of the 4 teams that are going to be under me. What are these teams going to be? Well, glad to see you are interested in reading about them!

The teams with a brief description:
Tournament Directors
Self-explanatory. This team contains all the individuals that are responsible for organizing the community's tournaments and maintaining a competitive scene. This team will be receiving some funding from the FAF Patreon which will allow for various small-cash prize tournaments to be hosted. My plan is to have this team somewhat tied with the Trainer Team as I do not want competitive 1v1/2v2 tournaments to be hosted in rating ranges where trainers are not training players. While TDs can still host independent tournaments for any rating range, I want FAF Patreon funds to go towards tournaments that will focus on advancing a desire to improve the general FAF skill level. This team will be headed by me.

The team of players that are actively working to improve players of various rating ranges. And yes, actively does mean doing more than telling players to play ladder. My plans for the Training Team will largely revolve around the quantity of players that are willing to assist me in the endeavor of training. The amount of manpower I have available to me will likely be a major consideration in determining how this team will operate. This team will be headed by biass.

Ladder Team
The team responsible for collecting information about maps for the ladder pool while also reviewing selected maps. These individuals are meant to be highly skilled individuals and/or individuals with an excellent basis in mapping. However, the most important qualification is a capability to form an opinion about the value of a map and properly defend it against the criticism of others. This team will be headed by Petric.

The team responsible for collecting data and information from individuals in the community while also updating sources of information such as the wiki. This team will largely be focused on long-term plans that revolve around the other 3 teams. While it also has everyday duties revolving around refining and updating material on FAF, the biggest responsibility is creating excellent surveys/polls/questions for proper data collection. This team will be headed by me.

Overall I will be primarily focused on the Ladder Team and the Trainer Team for the coming weeks. I want to stabilize those two so that things can progress smoothly with the other teams. The Ladder Team will continue to utilize the current ladder pool system, however, polls will be created later on to determine if FAF would prefer a veto system with the current map pool size, a larger pool, a larger pool with a veto system implemented, or various other systems.

The Training Team will receive a very drastic change as I will be removing all players currently considered trainers except for a few that were selected beforehand for activity. I am doing this in order to get an accurate assessment of the manpower available to me and who is willing to actively train people.

If you have any interest in joining one of the above teams, you can PM me on FAF/Discord. Anyone is welcome to join the PC Discord, you do not need to be part of the 4 teams. It is far easier for me to keep track of complaints by players and what they view as major issues if they are posted in Discord rather than simply #aeolus or FAF's Discord.