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New Maps&Mods Councillor

Postby SilentWarrior » 15 May 2018, 20:32

Hi, everyone in faf and beyond! :D

I want to use this post to introduce myself as the New Maps&Mods Councillor. 8-)
Along with me, comes Ike :evil: and DrIvoRoobotnik :twisted: . Ike for Maps and DrIvoRobotnik for Mods. So we have someone dedicated to each side. We make decisions together and help fill one another's weak spots.

I have created a little home in Discord for Mappers and Modders alike, where we can do our work of;
1) Looking into the FAF Vault for Bad Maps/Mods
2) Instructing Mappers/Modders on creating good maps/mods & Version control
3) Enabling Mappers & Modders by providing a resource for them to come to, for ideas and fixes to problems encountered
4) Creating teams to do the actual testing itself.

As can be seen from point 2, we do want to influence map/mod makers, when they are designing their work. The main reason for this is, that there is no point clearing the Vault if it is going to be filled up with rubbish behind us, as we go along.

:ugeek: The Vault contains some real Gems, that players have forgotten about or simply not used before. We hope to find such gems and pass them onto to players to host in lobbies or encourage Casters & Streamers to highlight them to everyone.

As expected the process is slow and long, I did not expect it to be instant, so an ounce of patience is required by all, as we are a work-in-progress.
We have started the process of creating teams of Testers who will test maps and mods. These reports will be compiled and made available for all. There is nothing final with our decisions, upon request, we can review any decision made.
Teams consist of players of all description, from young to old and from new to experienced, they all share a passion for faf.
People might wonder at some of my decisions with regards to how I do things and with who I get them done. This is my own personal choice and I ask all member to trust me as I trust you. Trust is core to FAF, without it, we would all fall apart.
Also, the community I have created in Discord is a quiet hard working one, please remember that if you happen to visit.
There is a place for Memes in FAF Discord and any pwn, please dm me for sampling. :mrgreen:

People will have many questions and concerns, this is understandable and welcomed. It should, however, be put into the relevant context and made in a polite way. We are all volunteers and are using our free time ( if we have any), we are also developing as we go along and your contribution ( criticism) may help us on our way.

As regards to myself, I am an open person, and can be persuaded by a logical and rational argument, please do not feel that I will dismiss your concerns or suggestions, out of hand. Far from it. I am completely the opposite. The main reason for this is that I see a vast amount of work already conducted by the hard working devs, mods and general busybodies that hold the core of faf together. Without their dedication and tenacity, faf wouldn't be where it is today. I want to personally thank them all.
With this much already here, it is easy to forget when things run smoothly, but have an angst when things go awry.
This is the nature of people, we are all different.
I will implement solutions in my own way, it is easier that way and more truthful to my nature.

So, with that in mind, I will make some feel uncomfortable and some will be very pleased. I'm sorry, but I will have to disappoint some, please understand that this is a process and when the ship runs smooth, people will forget the troubled waters and just enjoy the remaining journey.

Here's to a smooth voyage. 8-)

PS My name change from MisterK to SilentWarrior, is purely for playing reasons. As it's been pointed out, my gameplay is a little weak and I could do with some (Much) improvement. :oops:
Greetings and Salutations
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